Frequently asked questions

Do you offer face to face or online sessions?
I do offer a limited amount of face to face sessions and at the moment these are fully booked.  I also offer more online/telephone appointments.

Video conferencing offers a close alternative to face to face working and I am experienced in creating a safe relationship via this method to support your therapeutic journey.  We can discuss the benefits and your feelings about any downsides of this way of working if we choose to meet online.

How long can we work together?
I offer brief and focused work or open-ended, long term counselling and psychotherapy.  We can discuss your needs and wants for the length of counselling when we first meet.  However long we decide to work together for, we will have regular reviews to check how you feel the counselling is progressing.

What will the first session involve?
In the first session we will both have the space to assess our suitability to work together and for you to tell me a little about yourself.   I take some details from you (name, date of birth, contact details and GP details) and I have a written contract which we will go through in this session as well.

There is then an opportunity for you to tell  me the details of why you have sought therapy and any other material you wish to share in this session.

From this session we may both decide that we need a little bit more time and we can organise a second session in which to do this. Alternatively we may be able to agree on a timescale to work together in that initial appointment.

How much do you charge?
I charge £55 per session for individual work.  My fee is the same for the first session and any subsequent sessions.  The first session is 60 minutes and any subsequent session is 50 minutes.

I charge £65 per hour for couples, including the first assessment session.  Couple’s work varies in length but will usually be between 60 and 90 minutes and so fees can be adjusted accordingly for longer sessions.

For supervision, I charge £50 per hour for individual supervision.  If you are interested in group supervision, please get in contact to discuss fees.

Do I need to bring anything with me for the first session?
No, just bring yourself and I will help you to feel able to speak as freely as you’d like to.  If we are meeting online then it’s important that the space you are speaking from is quiet and confidential.  When working online, I work from home in my confidential dedicated counselling room.

How much notice do you need for a cancellation?
I require 48 hours prior to cancelling a scheduled session, otherwise I will need to charge for the missed session.  Naturally, you may want to take a holiday from therapy and we will schedule this in as we work together.

What is your availability?
Currently I don’t have any spaces for individual psychotherapy and can recommend some other practitioners or add your name to my waiting list.  I am due to review my availability again in Sept 22.

I do have availability for couples work and for supervisees, just get in touch for more details.

Do you offer relationship, marriage or couples therapy?
I do offer therapy for more than one person, and this could be for married or co-habiting couples (same or different genders), relationships of any type where there are more than two people involved, family relationships, non-monogamous couples.

Please visit the dedicated page I have on this website about couples/relationship therapy.

Can I claim for therapy on my insurance?
Yes, I am recognised by AXA PPP, BUPA, Aviva and Vitality Health so you can claim through those routes/I can invoice them directly.  Alternatively I also work with some EAP providers.